The WiFi Man offers a wide range of products and services dependant on the services you require. We can aim towards your business or residential requirements to offer a fully bespoke services, taylormade for your needs and requirements. To find out more about the individual options available to you, or ideas you may have for your custom installation, see below and then take advantage of our free home visit to speak to one of our experienced engineers.


Using only high quality CAT5e cabling, we can run a direct link between your router to the desired device or devices. If this requires more connections than you currently have available, there are options available to expand, and one of our team can discuss the options with you one-on-one. This can be run internally or externally fully dependant on your requirements.

The option to have a faultless WiFi connection throughout your property may be the best solution for your requirements, with much more technology requiring a strong internet connection, the need for this keeps rising and our free consultation service can help resolve  

any issues or weak connections you may be currently experiencing.

This may also be a very welcome solution if you have an additional building to your property or home office, giving you the ability to extend the WiFi connection to either of these with seamless connectivity. Speak to one of our team and take advantage of our free home consultation to find out more.


Creating the ability to have a full WiFi connection around your entire business is a must for most companies these days. 

The WiFi Man gives you the ability to grow your business with a number of different options including multiple WiFi connections around your business with endless expansion capabilities.

Each of our installations are installed in a way

to futureproof your business for any possible changes, expected or unexpected you may make, utilizing your current server or organizing a new server installation, the possibilities are endless.

Speak to us to take advantage of our free quotations service and one of our team can attend your business to discuss the multiple opportunities to your business.